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Electric Motors & Control Equipment

ROTOTECH supply, manufacture and service industrial Electric motors, Speed Controller VFDs, Soft starters, Control Packages and more. We supply and manufacture a range of motors including:

  • High Ingress Electric Motors
  • Explosion Proof Electric Motors
  • Water Proof Electric Motors
  • Continuous Duty Electric Motors
  • IEC motors and more.

We pride ourselves on our 24 Hour Customer Service and our focus on Value, Efficiency & Service.

Specialised Product Experience

Pope Zener

We have extensive experience with industry leading brands such as Zener Electric, Pope Electric Motors, Brook Crompton, Western Electric, Euromotori, Genat and Wood, Samwha, Motovario, Intelligent Encoders and Rototech Control Packages & Rototech Electric Motors.

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We specialise in the following: Electric AC Motors, AC Speed Controllers, (also known as a VFD, AC Drive, VVVF, Inverter, Variable Speed Controller, Variable Speed Drive, and Variable Frequency Inverter), Soft Starters, Control Packages and Custom Controller and Automation Packages, Shaft Encoders, Brake Motors, Geared Motors, Motor Protection Relays, Extreme Hazardous Location Motors, Spare parts and Superior 24 Hour Customer Service.


ROTOTECH supply, manufacture and service industrial equipment such as Electric Motors for Mining, Agriculture, Wineries, HVAC, Pumping, Manufacturing and Food Processing. We pride ourselves on:

  • Spare no effort in supplying to you the right product at the right time with a Commitment to Value.
  • Provide fast, accurate Technical Support and pricing with friendly Customer Account Support.
  • Provide Instant account facilities available by phone or facsimile.
  • Will ensure Quality Control Procedures are in place to guarantee continual improvement in products and services.
  • Custom Manufacture in house design, repairs, modifications and spares.
  • Fast Delivery.

Who are we?

We are the providers of: Electric AC motors, AC speed controllers, Soft starters, Custom controllers, and Automation packages, Shaft encoders, geared motors, Brake motors, motor protection relay, extreme hazardous location motors, and spare parts.

Rototech supplies, and manufactures the industrial electric motors for: mining, agriculture, pumping, wineries, manufacturing and food processing.

The Services we provide

We work closely and have extensive experience with the top industry brands such as: Zener Electronics, Brook Crompton, Pope Electric Motors, Western Electric, Genat & Wood, Euromotori, and Rototech Electric Motors.

We specialize in supplying; manufacturing the industrial electrical motors, speed controllers like VFD’s or better known as variable frequency devices, soft starters, control packages and so much more. Our services are not only limited to this, we supply and manufacture a range of various different motors like: explosion proof electric motors, water proof electric motors, IEC motors etc.

Our customer services are available for you 24 hours a day. We are firm believers of focusing on commitment of value: each item you purchase from us is a form of value for money, efficiency: we guarantee that any industrial electric motor you purchase from us will work efficiently and our services are unique. You can reach us at any time of the day through customer service, and all the deliveries you make will reach you at a short span of time. We make sure to sell you the right product at the right time.

For further information on our services and products, please visit our website or call us any time of the day. Our customer services are there for your help and guidance.