Geared Motors

All sizes and outputs. We can select the best model to suit your needs. For more information phone, fax or email us.

  • Select range of Gear Boxes
  • Helical inline geared motors
  • Worm drive right angle motor speed reducers
  • Bevel Helical
  • Hollow Shaft

Geared Motors and Geared Boxes

What are Geared Motors?

It is a device that uses low horsepower motors to drive a great deal of force on any object with very low speed.

What Makes Our Geared Motors and Geared Boxes Superior?

Our extensive variety of geared motors will ensure that you find the product as per your needs. The best part about using or opting for geared motors from us is that they are built to endure the hardest industrial applications. The gear housing is all machined from all sides. This allows diverse mounting positions and different applications. This makes it favorable to the customers and our geared motors are mostly found as a part of the customers own machine. The different geared motors you can purchase from us include.

  • Helical incline geared motors: also called as the uni-block design for mounting of the foot and flange. Geared housing on all the sides for universal application.
  • Worm drive right angle motor speed reducers: the units here have different fixing possibilities. This makes and easy assembling for the customers.
  • Bevel helical: the compact and structure optimized gear housing here distinguishes itself by being machined on all the sides of the motor; this makes it unique and ready for numerous mounting options and applications.
  • Hollow shaft: the advantage of hollow shaft is that they connect directly to the driven load, thereby reducing the overall space required by the geared motors. This eliminates expensive coupling of the shafts.