Hazardous Areas Motors

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Motors for Hazardous Areas

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  • Flameproof brake motors
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  • Special solutions

Classification of Hazardous Group and Zone

Hazardous areas are classified into two groups namely:

1. Flammable gases like vapor or mists

The explosive gases are classified into zones. This is based on: their frequency and duration at which they occur.

Hazardous area groups:

  • Group 1 : underground mines
  • Group 2 : surface industries

IEC Australian Standard

  • EX d group 1: this is a combination of dust and gases
  • EX d group 2A, B and C: gas and dust combination
  • Ex d single phase 240V

Hazardous Electric Motors

There are a number of defined hazardous areas covering gases and dusts. It is therefore strongly recommended that the relevant IEC, Australian Standards and Statutory Authorities be consulted prior to final selection of the motor including:

IEC Australian Standards

  • Ex d Group I - Combination of Gas & Dust
  • Ex d Group IIA , IIB & IIC - Combination of Gas & Dust
  • Ex d Single Phase 240 Volt
  • Ex d High Voltage
  • EX d Brake & Two Speed
  • Ex tD ( Formerly DIP) -Dust Excluding Ignition Proof
  • Ex d Forced Cooled Inverter Duty
  • Ex e - Increased Safety Motors
  • EX nA - Non Sparking Motors