Motor Protection relays are an extremely economical and precise means of protecting your 3 phase motor against burn out resulting from overload or phase loss.

  • Microprocessor based
  • Very reliable
  • Wide Setting Range
  • Easily selectable protection range
  • Remote electrical reset
  • Low Energy consumption
  • Low cost protection for your equipment
  • Electronic shear pin function



The Advantages of 3-Phase Power to Business

Three 3-Phase Power System is a system that is devised with three separate circuit conductors. The three conductors of a 3-phase power carry alternating currents of similar frequencies. These currents reach their peak efficiency at alternating intervals. In simple terms, it means that when current is delivering power, the other two are stand by waiting for their turn to deliver power. This creates the effect of a rotating magnetic field that is essential to power an electric motor. To put it more accurately and precisely, such an arrangement of conduction of power will ensure that power is properly delivered to the electric motor so it can function and deliver the stored power effectively. There is no denying the fact that businesses derive immense benefit from 3-phase power because it can truly operate an engine and use its potential to the fullest capacity. The problem, however, is that access to such systems can be quite a challenge. They are not readily available and it can be hard to install a 3-phase power system, which is precisely the reason commercial and residential businesses in rural areas may not be able to access and install 3-phase power and benefit from it. When it is not readily available or its installation is not viable, a single-phase power system is purchased and installed. Though it may not be as efficient as a 3-phase power system, it is better than not having one at all. If a business or an organization is adamant on acquiring a 3-Phase Power system, it will have to put in effort and take the necessary steps to ensure its possibility. It may take additional effort but one cannot deny the fact that it will be beneficial for the company and worthwhile because it reduces the energy costs that the business has to incur thereby decreasing the cost of production. Thus, it is assumed that the capital invested to purchase and install the system is more of an invested than an expense because if used wisely, the capital spent on acquiring a 3-phase power system can be recouped in the form of decreased energy costs of the business. The 3-phase power system offers several other benefits to the business too that go beyond cost cutting. One of them is the fact that most of the advanced machinery and equipment is compatible with 3-Phase motors. This ensures that the advance technology works with higher efficiency on the 3-Phase Power source. Other benefits of using a 3- phase electric motor can be noticed upon using the effective system. The 3-Phase electric motor is significantly improves the ability to deliver power to equipment and machines that need a large amount of power to function. This system benefits by allowing power to be properly regulated over long periods of time and even larger distances too. Thus, a 3-Phase electric motor is recommended to all those factories that are exhausted of facing troubles due to the single power system and are looking for an alternative or an upgrade. This system will not disappoint.