Zener SS6000

Zener- Smartstart 6000 Series Soft Starters

What is Smartstart 6000 Soft Starter?

It is an electronic motor starter that provides the latest technology in protecting and controlling motors.

Why Choose Smartstart 6000 Soft Starter?

The reason for you to go for smartstart 6000 soft starter is because they provide a soft electrical and mechanical soft start to a three-phase electric motor. The best part about Zener soft starter is that it gives a higher soft start and soft stop with your choice of voltage ramp and torque control ramp. The Smartstart 6000 series also includes a distinctive torque control system widely known as SMART-TORQ. It is developed by Zener in order to attain linear rate of acceleration in motor speed. Not only this, Zener Smartstart 6000 soft starters provide greater torque control. All of them are designed in a robust way, so as to support various types of loads and applications. Let us now look at some of the benefits of Zener Smartstart 6000 soft starters:

  • It provides linear acceleration of the load as well as the motor
  • It reduces the mechanical stress on the load and the motor shaft
  • Ramp sketching so as to match the type of load used
  • It reduces motor starting currents
  • The motor dips are eliminated during motor starting
  • It eliminates belt sequel during starting the fans
  • Water hammer related problems do not occur as it provides better control of pump motors
  • The motor efficiency is increased during deceleration and acceleration.

Soft Starters

The Zener SMARTSTART 6000 series of Soft Starters feature Zener's intelligent 'Smart-Torq' control system for controlled starting and stopping of electric motors. These devices assist with eliminating harmful current and torque peaks.

  • Zener’s intelligent “SMART-TORQ’ Control System
  • In-built electronic motor overload
  • Plain English intuitive display & simple menu structure
  • Easy to wire and install
  • Advanced Motor / Load protection
  • Remote IP66 Operator Console
  • Small footprint
  • Comprehensive Operator ‘DashBoard’